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a letter from Ken & Ricky

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In August 2007, our journey began. A church planter from Mississippi and a team of “barely out-of-college” individuals felt led to open the doors for the first time at The Bridge Church. What happened next was 12 amazing years of God doing miraculous things and changing lives of people on the campus of Miami University, the city of Oxford, and individuals all over the world.

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God has used The Bridge Church to change the lives of those that have attended and been connected, as well as, people all over the world as we have traveled across the globe to share the gospel with the unreached. We have seen dozens of individuals come to know the Lord and be baptized. We have helped families in need. God has taken and shown us wonderful things.

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And God is not done in Oxford or on Miami University’s campus. What He is doing is bigger than The Bridge Church and any one single church in Oxford. Over the last few years, we have seen God continue to work and we have been lucky enough to still be a part of that after 12 amazing years. However, like Tony Stark said in the recent Avengers movie, “part of the journey is the end”. And now, our time is coming to a close in Oxford and on the campus of Miami University.
As of May 31, 2019, The Bridge Church, will no longer be a church on the campus of Miami University’s campus. This is a decision that was not taken lightly. It is a decision that has been prayed over for many months and we as the Elders of the church believe that this is the best decision for the church going forward.
This decision comes at a time that God is still moving in the lives of the people involved in the church. God is still working in Oxford and on the campus and He will continue to do that after we leave. This is not a decision that came because of money or because of a falling out among the people of the church that, unfortunately, so many other churches face before they have to close their doors for a final time.

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This came because some of our staff felt led by God to move on from The Bridge Church after this semester (May 2019). Once that decision was made known to the rest of the staff of the church, we began to pray and we all believed that we would not simply have the proper staff to be effective enough on campus with the resources we would have. That is when, we as Elders, made this hard decision to close the door on this chapter of The Bridge Church’s life.
However, this is not the end for what we have been doing on campus. Starting in Fall 2019, The Bridge student organization will continue to operate as a part of the Collegiate Ministry Group. They will hold weekly Bible studies and have outreaches and a presence on Miami’s campus. The student organization will be more student led, whereas The Bridge Church has been staff led.
We know that God is not done with our students and we pray that God will use the student organization to glorify His name on the campus of Miami University. Yes, part of our journey is coming to a close but our mission is still very real and valid in 2019. We hope that you will continue to pray for the students who have community with The Bridge Church and will be leading us into the next journey as The Bridge evolves into a student organization at Miami. And we hope that you will continue to pray that we are faithful to whatever God has for our lives, our students’ lives, and the those in Oxford!
If you would like to celebrate and worship with us one last time, we will be having our last service on Sunday, May 12th at 11AM in SES Chapel. We invite you, your friends, and your family (sorry – there will be no child care that morning – we welcome you and your children to join us and worship together) to come celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do on Miami’s campus!
In Christ,
Ken & Ricky
Elders | The Bridge Church


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Look back this summer for more details about The Bridge Student Organization.