Love God

Loving God is where it all starts. We strive to worship God in all that we do: work, study, go to class, sleep, hang out. God wants all of us at all times.

Love People

Loving our neighbor can be hard. That is why we try everyday to love you and everyone around us more and more. And it is with God’s mercy and grace that we will get through life together; as a family. His family.

The Rest is Small Stuff

Let’s figure out life together. God wants us to worship Him and wants us to fellowship. Through that, we will figure out the small stuff. Let’s not sweat it today.

Who We Are

The Bridge is a nondenominational, Christian campus ministry at Miami University that seeks to know Jesus and make Him known in our community. Whether you are searching for answers or seeking to dive deeper in your faith, we want to come alongside you.  Everyone is always welcome – come as you are as we take this journey together. We are really excited about meeting you and getting to know you!

The Bridge Gathering

Tuesdays @ 8PM | ASC 2080 Life is hard. College is hard. Why do it alone? We are a group of students trying to impact the world with the gospel starting in our dorm rooms, classrooms, and in our community. We want to do that by loving God and sharing that love with others. We want to do that by sharing life together through the good and the bad.

Our Staff

Ken Dillard

Ken Dillard


Lizi Montgomery

Lizi Montgomery